Tips for Easy Sales Forecasting

Every business aims at making profits, making good sales is the secret to profitability in a company. Sales managers in an organization are sometimes required to make sales forecast. Putting a simple forecast together requires the manager to break the sales project into three areas which are the known sales, the seen sales, and the unseen sales.  Learn more over at

The known sales are those that from the company's existing accounts. Therefore, you can base your income in the coming year based on the sales made in the previous period. Seen sales are the data used to estimate income in the future periods based on the percentage of sales coming from the new business. In the unseen sales, the sales manager does not indicate where the deals in your company are coming from. 

The information gained from the three classes inform the sales manager where the company needs to direct its sales effort so that it can maximize its revenue. Sales forecast should support the realistic management objectives of a company. For effective management of the business, there has to be accurate forecasting. The following are the tips that sales managers can use to ensure reliable and easy forecasting processes in a firm.

First, get detailed information about your market. Most sales forecasts fail because the people involved do not make use of the informed judgment. It is necessary to know how your market, your current and potential customers and competitors are like. With this information, you can predict what is likely to happen in the future. Get further info over at

Sales forecasts should also avoid overestimation. Most times, people make a mistake of overestimating how much they can sell a product and how fast they can do that. If you do the right estimation, you can know the right direction to take.

Another tip for easy sales forecasting is increasing the sales made to current customers. Companies have the option of either increasing the volume of the existing products or introducing new products to the market and sell them expensively. However, the managers have to get more information on the customers' businesses so that they can do the right estimations of the services and products that the organization can sell.

Business owners need to forecast the future for several reasons such as setting internal goals or additional financing. Sales forecasting is not as easy as people might think. However, by putting the above points in practice, sales forecasts can make the whole process easy. Also, here are some tips to potentially double your sales: